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Mandir’s of Panchetgarh

The management and Deb seba in all our mandirs are vested on a Debottar Shebait Board, named ” Panchetgarh Debottar Shebait Board” represented by ” Secretary” and Treasurer.

The Choudhury- Dasmohapatra family though being originally worshippers of Lord Shiva, subsequently, they came under the influence of the Vaishnava movement of Sri Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Wherein the message of universal love and Bhakti of Lord Krishna and Radha are central.

Just as they were the worshippers of various Hindu Gods, They adopted various Hindu Temple architectural styles to built their Temples.  Therefore the main three Mandirs  that the family built in Panchetgarh follow three  distinct and different architectural styles.
The family established the deities of Lord Krishna and his consort Radha of Sri Sri Kishorai Jiue and built a grand Temple based on the Shikhara Deula architecture of Orissa.  Sri Sri Kishorai Jieu is now the family deity in Panchetgarh.
The architecture of the  Panch- Shiva mandir that the family built is based on the South Indian style and influence.
Our Sitala Debi Pancharatna Mandir is an example of the Pinnacled style or the ratna style design under the Jor Bangla influence. Here there is a single central tower called -Eka- ratna which is surrounded by four more towers. Thus the name “Pancharatna”.